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Hi everyone! Welcome to the fit cannabis girl blog! I have had some interest in my health and wellness journey and thought it would be a good idea to start a blog so I can share said journey, give advice, and answer questions to anyone who is interested. I will use this platform to share my journey that includes cannabis related information, health and fitness tips, and healthy food choices. Check out my next blog post for a short biography. As you read about me you will learn what qualifies me to speak on these subjects. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a beautiful day!

Author: fitcannabisgirl

Here to INSPIRE 🤗 Down 100lbs 💪Fighting EDS with CANNABIS, fitness & healthy eating! 420 Activist💨

One thought on “Fit Cannabis Girl”

  1. I just read an article on you in a group on fb and think you’re a real inspiration! I have EDS too and am obese and have practically given up on pt because, like you said in the article, I get so exhausted doing the exercises I end up not doing them or if I do I am stuck in bed for 3 days. I take morphine and Dilaudid for pain and it’s only moderately helpful because I’ve been on the same doses for years and I’m afraid of asking for higher doses lest my Dr rethink my current dose (and dropping it). I vape high CBD cannabis at night because it allows me to sleep (included with tons of sleeping meds). I’d love to hear how you got started and what strains have been most helpful (I only vape; no smoking or edibles; I have a topical gel that I use occasionally too).

    My email is if you ever want to reach out to another desperate eds’er.



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